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A Ready CanvasThey hung suspended in the white-walled room; two mountainous landscapes lit with an unearthly glow. A bluish light filtered through two large criss-cross windows at the far end, highlighting their jagged peaks and swooping troughs with stark shadows.

The sculptures, made out of a kind of translucent white elastic, filled the room with a questioning, adventurous presence. They were a canvas ready to be painted by our anticipating minds.

She walked into the room calm and quiet, with a steady focus, making her way towards their centre. Climbing into a navy blue boiler suit spattered with coloured remnants of past experiments, she began.


As her concentration stilled, ours followed.

She picked up a strand of bright orange thread and passed it through the eye of a large silvery needle. Looking closely, it became clear that she was surrounded by lots of small orange spools coiled into tiny polka dots on the floor and attached to various parts of her suit; primed to become part of the emergent dance.

She began, stitch by stitch, movement by careful movement, to sew herself to the landscape that surrounded her. There was not a sound in the room as we watched, transfixed.

At first, the lengths of thread were long, evoking images of slender blood vessels, connecting her to a life force that was beginning to pulse through the enlivened landscape. The more connections were made, the more the elastic mountains began to respond, moulding around her with each tug.



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