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Prayers in the Wind

Prayers in the Wind

I was up in the mountains last week with two friends, researching a story and taking some time to soak in the clean air and stunning mountain views. It was a world away from Delhi’s steaming hubbub.

On the last night, we had dinner with the owners of our guesthouse and a number of other Tibetan people, all of whom are close to the Dalai Lama and his teachings. They spoke animatedly in lyrical Tibetan, with its soft, whispery tones that are so gentle on the ears. I’ve come to the conclusion that Tibetans really know how to laugh. They hardly stopped all evening. It was wonderful!

Sitting on my left was the owner of our guesthouse, who himself had taken the treacherous ten day journey through the Himalayan mountains from Tibet to India when he was only eight. He doesn’t remember much about it, he said.

My friend, whom I’d been plying with questions about Tibetan Buddhism all weekend, encouraged me to go ahead and ask him some of them.

I plunged ahead with the first.

It felt a little trite; but I’ve always been curious about this.

“How is it that reincarnation works if the total number of life forms keeps increasing on the planet?”, I asked. “Where are all of these new souls coming from?”

“Ah”, he said. “We have a very simple answer for this. We don’t believe that this is the only universe that exists. There are many worlds that exist far beyond our knowledge, which also contain life forms. That’s how we get around it”, he said, winking.



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